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- Soft  tissue  Massage
  (Relaxing Massage)   See Video

-Swedish Massage

-Deep Tissue Massage  See Video

-Hot  oil  Massage

We open 7 days a week.
10am to 9pm

LuLuvilla SPA is now hiring Attractive young ladies with  a very good attitude, please email us if interested






Welcome to our SPA

Is world news stressing you? There is more to life. Visit Luluvilla Spa! Allow yourself indulgence of a break, nice Sensually Relaxing Massage! Our charming, Asian masseuses, provide massage that boosts man's health, tests intimate responses & increases erotic capacity- a balancing health benefit like no other- best preventive care for any man -hand it to us!
Good rates, 30- 60 minutes or more, Private showers, refreshments .

We might not be the cheapest but for sure we are one of the best! massage parlours in Toronto . 

Luluvilla spa  -  The best massage in Toronto

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   LuLuVilla Spa’s mission  is all about customer satisfaction

   Our well trained attractive girls are attentive, accommodation, and cater to your 

   specific relaxation needs.

Surly .. we are the cleanest , the best massage in Toronto.